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As refreshing as a day by the sea or in the mountains, picnicking by the lake or in an elegant metropolis — you decide where your short escape from everyday life takes you. Perfect Getaways, ADO’s latest collection, provides the perfect textile companion for any destination. With charm and versatility, they open up new perspectives and bestow moments of joy all year round, just like an unforgettable weekend getaway. What’s your favorite getaway?

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Seaside: Sounds of the sea and a fresh breeze

Seagull motifs, effects of washed up driftwood, and textures inspired by sea spray. These fabrics are just like taking a relaxing walk on the beach in the warm sunlight, while a soft breeze blows away the last traces of winter.

Sea Breeze 8134  |  Printed Sheer  |  100% PES  |  116″  |  5 Colors
Like an effortless seaside sketch, the seagull pattern in five gentle pastel shades and can help your decoration soar to new heights. Made from easy-care polyester but exuding the natural grace of cotton, Sea Breeze radiates airy light-heartedness.

Mare 8133  |  Printed Sheer  |  100% PES  |  116″  |  5 Colors
A beautiful view: Sporting horizontal gradients, Mare recreates the fascinating color patterns of the horizon, from dawn to sundown. Whether you’re gazing at the sea or over the countryside, these modern digital prints create appealing textile vistas.

Malin 3108  |  Faux Linen  |  100% PES  |  118″  |  5 Colors
Rhythmic longitudinal lines run across the bright backdrop of Malin, like rays of sunshine sparkling on the water’s surface. The Scherlis shimmer on the semi-transparent fabric like delicate bursts of light in a variety of colors.

Foliage 1205  |  Decorative Overdrapery  |  100% PES  |  116″  |  6 Colors
The fresh color gradients of Foliage’s Jacquard pattern of Foliage call to mind delicate, leaf-like textures. Gazing at the opaque Scherli fabric is like lying under a tree and staring at the sky.

Pino 3223  |  Open Weave  |  100% PES  |  118″  |  10 Colors
The linen-style mesh fabric transforms the natural scale into a versatile blend of relaxed, transparent decorations. It provides light, aesthetically appealing glare protection without blocking out the light of the spring sunshine.

Grove 3106  |  Burnout Sheer  |  100% PES  |  118″  |  4 Colors
Light, summery patterns with transparency and opaqueness. Grove’s opaque Scherli stripes are grouped into abstract patterns on a transparent backdrop – available in four shades of white and sand.

Plia 1107  |  Decorative Pleated Fabric  |  100% PES  |  114″  |  5 Colors
Plia is light and airy like a summery breeze, and highlights your windows with innovation and style. Its vertical pleating provides the fabric with volume, while creases of various width ensure a casual, relaxed look and a soft cascade. Available in cloud-white, as well as delicate shell and sand colors.

City weekend: Culture and Cappuccino

Elegant patterns, classy fabrics, and a generous pinch of glamor. This series is a textile excursion to a Mediterranean metropolis – from the aperitif in the street café to stylish catwalk fashions and a night at the theater. Benissimo!

Pallado 1437  |  Decorative Fabric  |  100% PES  |  118″  |  11 Colors
This decorative satin with traditional damask patterns is a new twist on the flair of centuries-old, magnificent buildings for modern interiors. The interplay of shiny and matt surfaces and the elegant color patterns invite you to explore playful combinations with FRESCO.

Padua 3015  |  Leno Weave  |  100% PES  |  118″  |  4 Colors
This allover pattern recalls the light reflected off the soft waves of a lagoon, like cross-hatched twinkles spreading across the transparent background – in both white and contemporary brass and copper shades.

Siena 3109  |  Striped Transparent, Jacquard  |  100% PES  |  114″  |  7 Colors
Elegant block stripes give an extra touch of finesse by the interplay between the transparent and the opaque, matte and shiny fibers. The elaborate Jacquard texture creates a varying color glow in stripes, calling to mind precious patina.

Fresco 1438  |  Striped Satin  |  100% PES  |  118″  |  11 Colors
Generous block stripes radiate the noblesse of antique palaces. The classy Craquelure texture on the shimmery satin unfurls into a Mediterranean elegance whose natural and gemstone colors harmonize perfectly with the decorative Pallado fabric.

Collage 1518  |  Upholstery Fabric  |  58% PES, 42% PAN  |  55″  |  11 Colors
Twin set for upholstery: The patchwork look of the robust chenille fabric harmonizes in color and surface texture with the Cantaro upholstery fabric, inviting you to explore impressive tone-to-tone combinations.

Cantaro 1517  |  Upholstery Fabric  |  52% PES, 48% PAN  |  55″  |  12 Colors
A feast for the senses. Cantaro is equally appealing to both your eyes and your fingertips. The elegant chenille fabric combines its attractive moiré texture with twelve muted, natural colors and a pleasantly soft touch.

Bling 3014  |  Sequined Sheer  |  100% PES  |  126″  |  5 Colors
Gala range: Bling places windows in the spotlight. With the iridescent light reflections of its delicate sequins, the transparent leno weave emits the glow of grand appearances. Available in white, silver, brass or copper.

Veneto 9814  |  Devoré Print  |  75% PES, 25% VI  |  118″  |  4 Colors
An elegant leap back in time. Veneto demonstrates with a flourish how to transpose an opulent damask pattern into a devoré with modern ease. This artful appearance in four gentle shades is crowned with soft-gloss pearl effects.

Marilyn 8408   |  Inbetween with Glass Crystal Application  |  100% PES  |  118″  |  2 Colors
Soaring to new whites. This allover pattern composed of twinkling glass crystals brings the glamor of its namesake to your interior. The glittering lights applied to the softly flowing, white surface turn this inbetween into a star of textile decoration.

Scarlett 8407   |  Inbetween with Glass Crystal Application  |  100% PES  |  118″  |  2 Colors
The Scarlett inbetween poses boldly at your window, with a border made of elaborately applied glass crystals. Their sparkle on the smooth, transparent fabric lends it all the elegance of a beautiful scarf.

Mountain View: Springtime with a Panoramic View

Welcome to the Chalet! Allow your eyes to wander over hills and valleys, taking in flora and fauna from the branch patterns to motifs such as squirrels, beetles, and butterflies. Softly flowing qualities in the natural colors of spring are guaranteed to resonate throughout your home.

Bosco 1439  |  Decorative Fabric, Jacquard  |  100% PES  |  114″  |  7 Colors
Bosco is the perfect starting point for a glance into the enchanted garden. Flowers and berries, birds, insects and squirrels all come together in the exhilarating, allover patterns of this two-tone Jacquard fabric. The soft cascade and fresh spring colors are simply spellbinding.

Yulana 8129  |  Pigment Print, Transparent  |  100% PES  |  120″  |  4 Colors
Yulana will make the magnolias in front of your window bloom in a gentle spring greeting. The picturesque pigment print on the natural background brings the beauty of its floral inspiration into your home.

Belluno 8516  |  Stripes, Crash, Transparent  |  100% PES  |  114″  |  7 Colors
The transparent fabric structure of Belluno, with its integrated, multi-color effect threads, calls to mind a lively mountain stream. The crash look also accentuates the fresh, lively textile image which is particularly effective as lightly placed decoration.

Montana 1522  |  Upholstery Fabric  |  100% PES  |  55″  |  5 Colors
This large, cottage-style plaid with traditional twill weave is criss-cross in more than just design – its cozy upholstery fabric is also perfect for crossing and combining with Rivo, Ravello, and Castello.

Ravello 1521  |  Upholstery Fabric  |  100% PES  |  55″  |  6 Colors
This thin-striped pattern has special charisma due to its grainy texture and the soft chenille thread. It is equally effective on chairs, corner benches, and poufs, or even as a pillow.

Rivo 1520  |  Upholstery Fabric  |  100% PES  |  55″  |  14 Colors
Rivo is a proven talent of versatility. The universal use chenille upholstery fabric with grainy texture and soft grip in 14 single colors provides the calming pendant to the myriad patterns.

Castello 1523  |  Upholstery Fabric  |  100% PES  |  55″  |  6 Colors
Picture perfect. The ornamental allover pattern of Castello has the look of antique farm designs on wooden chests or doors, thanks to its Jacquard texture. Textile artistry to add flair to the modern interior of the country home. Available in six color variations that harmonize with Rivo, Montana, and Ravello.

Maxim 3225  |  Inbetween, Single-Color  |  100% PES  |  118″  |  23 Colors
This inbetween with threads of various colors calls to mind the woven texture of a loom chair with its soft, flowing drape. The light colors of Maxim range from warm sand and sun tones to notes of wood and the fresh, blue-green scale of the sea.

Varino 1147  |  Decorative Fabric, Single-Color Mix  |  100% PES  |  116″  |  15 Colors
A sophisticated color mélange, a soft touch, and a natural appearance lend Varino the air of a refreshing springtime walk. Color impressions range from cloud white and wooden and stone shades to gentle sky blue and meadow green.

Poesia 9815  |  Devoré Print, Transparent  |  90% PES, 10″ CV  |  116″  |  4 Colors
This romantic devoré pattern is true to its name. Floral vines spread delicately across the white background in four powder pastel shades, refined with fine metallic sprinkles. A lyrical air that will transform even small, cottage-style windows into a decorative poem.

Lakeside: A Natural Experience with Sea View

A spontaneous excursion into the countryside that allows everyone to follow their passion: reading among the meadow flowers on generous print fabrics, relaxing in all the single-colour shades of summer, or boating before a gentle, wavy, striped pattern. Summer freshness made fabric – enjoyment pure and simple.

Blumenwiese 8128  |  Digital Print, Transparent, Flame-Retardant  |  100% PES FR  |  118″  |  5 Colors
This aromatic, transparent fabric will take you away to a sunny meadow with its soft, watercolor flowers and five fresh spring color combinations. The digital print pattern blooms out of the fine Linto base fabric, making it a perfect combination partner.

Prado 1059  |  Light Decorative Fabric, Single-Color, Flame-Retardant  |  100% PES FR  |  118″  21 Colors
Prado celebrates the lightness of being, with 21 fascinating colors and a delicate herringbone texture. Washable at 140°F and flame-retardant, caring for this causal decorative fabric is as simple as a spontaneous weekend drive.

Linto 3105  |  Single-Color, Transparent, Flame-Retardant  |  100% PES FR  |  120″  |  29 Colors
A fabric that’s ready for anything. Uncomplicated, easy to combine, and machine-washable – this fine, linen-like fabric in 29 appealing colors is a true decorative all-arounder. Linto is flame-retardant, and easy on the eye in both private and public places.

Via 3102  |  Stripes, Transparent, Flame-Retardant  |  100% PES FR  |  120″  |  12 Colors
In this model, Linto provides the single-color background for the generous stripes of Via. Fine lines are condensed in the center of the stripe, playfully combining the transparent and the opaque. Available in twelve colors, ranging from traditional black-and-white to fresh sun, water, and meadow shades.

Linea 3104  |  Stripes, Transparent, Flame-Retardant  |  100% PES FR  |  120″  |  9 Colors
Sporting the freshness of summer, LINEA makes good on its name: with its slender, two-tone stripes and flame retardant structure, this transparent fabric is equally suited to use as net curtains, blinds or panel curtains. Nine appealing color combinations bring textile summer freshness into your home.

Glaze 8127  |  Dispersion Print, Transparent, Flame-Retardant  |  100% PES FR  |  118″  |  6 Colors
Glaze provides the perfect visual accents for your windows: geometric shapes combine to create a multi-faceted mosaic of transparency and light. The watercolors soften the hard, straight edges of the pattern. Like all the fabrics in the Lakeside series, Glaze is washable at 140°F and flame-retardant.

Snooze Dimout 1397  |  Decorative Fabric, Single-Color, Dim-Out, Flame-Retardant  |  100% PES FR  |  118″  |  18 Colors
The densely woven and wonderfully soft quality of this dim-out fabric keeps up to 90% more daylight out of your room. Available in 18 colors, Snooze Dimout ensures deep, relaxed sleep. It is also flame-retardant, making it suitable for use in both private and hotel rooms.

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  1. I am interested in the free swatch booklet that includes the fabric Marilyn 8408
    color 110……I am not sure how this works? Are the swatch books really free?
    Just want to be sure……Patti

    • David Petty

      Hi Patti! Marilyn is one of our favorite designs from this collection! It’s very glamorous.

      Yes, the swatch kits are completely free. They include one 6″x6″ cutting of each of the sheer and drapery weight designs in this collection. While not all colors are included in this swatch kit, they do allow you to see one cutting from each design. If you want to see a specific color, you can always request a free swatch to be sent to your business.

  2. Karen L Braun

    Thank you for the opportunity to receive these free fabrics. I have purchased most of the fabrics in the past and so appreciated the initial investment of $500. years ago that made my ADO library complete. Today my business is down sized but Flair 21 continues to be my favorite. ADO never disappoints. Thank you. Karen L Braun

    • flair21

      Karen, thank you for your kind words. We are deeply appreciative of your patronage and look forward to working with you more in the future!


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