Silhouettes cut a familiar figure. They can pack a real emotional punch, too – they are the only kind of outlines that can convey the charm of an entire landscape. Artful cut-outs impress, such as when they’re used to put a unique spin on a beautiful skyline. Silhouettes vary in terms of their shape, but they all have one thing in common: These abbreviated forms have a symbolic, storytelling nature, captivating us with their mysterious, shadowy contours. They open the doors of our imagination. Since silhouettes can make such an impact, they serve as an appealing stylistic element, as seen in this year’s new SILHOUETTES collection.

Drawing on a creative interplay of light and shadow, transparency and thickness, these fabrics spin a tale of the transition from summer to autumn. Natural structures, graphic patterns and botanical elements combine with fiery red shades and calming earth tones to evoke this special time of the year. From soft and ethereal shades of aqua to fresh and juicy greens, summer goes out in a blaze of glory: Flowers, leaves and vines are intertwined in lush fields of silhouettes and watercolor.

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Shapely contours to seduce the eye

Drapery fabrics with silhouette floral motifs demonstrate how striking shadows can be. Meanwhile, decorative fabrics, thick and transparent alike, evoke light and shadow locked in a perpetual dance.

Floyd 8144  |  Sheer Fabric  |  100% PES  |  118″  |  4 Colors

A lovely silhouette – the FLOYD transparent fabric has a blustery, cheerful appeal based on an interplay of light and shadow. A base design with a natural feel, it features dreamy watercolor artwork in the form of leaves and vines, perfectly digitally printed. This FLOYD isn’t pink – but it does incorporate green, aqua, earth tones and Indian summer red.

Lennox 8145  |  Sheer Fabric  | 100% PES |  118″  |  6 Colors

Lights off, shadows on – LENNOX features a natural, watercolor all-over print. A cut-out visual effect is created as enchanting, bud-ding vines wind their way across the fabric. This striking design happily sets the tone of interior design, and works beautifully with colour schemes involving red, green, earth tones, blue and/or aqua.

Tiny 3469  |  Sheer Fabric  | 100% PES  |  114″  |  5 Colors

TINY makes a huge impact at the window. Its delicate, uninterrupted vertical lines are evocative of plant stalks, taking you on a colorful foray through nature. Pleasant to the touch and settling in a lovely drape, this structured base fabric features a lively blend of colors: green kid, white cream, beige kid, red/orange and natural blue.

Slub 3466  |  Sheer Fabric  |  100% PES  |  118″  |  14 Colors

SLUB is lovely to the touch. This transparent single-colour fabric with expressive variations in the thickness of its threads (also known as slubs) elevates all interiors with its natural feel and premium, handcrafted design. SLUB incorporates a rich colour palette of silver and grey shades ranging through to soft pastels in rose, aqua, blue and vanilla – it stylishly integrates into any interior design scheme.

Swell 3467  |  Sheer Fabric  |  100% PES  |  118″  |  11 Colors

A marvelous symbiosis: SWELL combines the best of SLUB and SCION. Expressive variations in thread thickness juxtaposed against ultra-fine transparent fabric create striking block stripes. This blockbuster fabric is available in single-colour variations that complement the stripes as well as creative interior design.

Scion 3465  |  Sheer Fabric  |  100% PES  |  118″  |  1 Color

SCION doesn’t need to do much to attract attention! This uncomplicated, highly transparent fabric impresses with the subtle emphasis on length incorporated into its design. It also impresses with its high level of versatility – it can be combined with any other fabric, and all kinds of autumnal colour palettes.

Nuance 8123  |  Sheer Fabric  |  95% PES 5% LI  |  118″  |  20 Colors

NUANCE’s name says it all. Fine color gradations, an overall bright look, soft texture and outstanding durability make this nuanced single-colour fabric quite special indeed. A combination of linens creates a dreamy melange of unique shades: From white to taupe, delicate aqua/green to rich blue/orange/green, this makes for a ravishing, gorgeous spectrum.

Bowie 3468  | Leno Weave  |  100% PES  |  122″  |  5 Colors

BOWIE is as wonderful as the legend it’s named for. Like the man himself, this transparent fabric continually reinvents itself. It can appear young, sophisticated, and chic – and like David, it impresses on its own as well as in duets. BOWIE’s hip stripe design is made up of lively colors: Backgrounds in white/cream, silver/taupe and marine/aqua are adorned with stripes ranging from purple to rose, or colored sections of green, aqua, violet ranging through to yellow and white.

Scale 9902  |  Printed Sheer Fabric  |  80% PES 20% CV  |  118″  |  3 Colors

SCALE boasts truly beautiful geometry. This burn out fabric looks like square autumnal meadows from a distance, lined up one after the other. Featuring a modern graphic print, SCALE comes in elegant white-on-white, modern silver and cosy kid with taupe. A Perlex print flatters the sophisticated interplay of matte and gleaming textures.

Shadow 9901  |  Printed Sheer Fabric  |  70%CV 30% PES  |  118″  |  3 Colors

True to its name, this fabric leaves everything else in its shadow! An elegant burn out fabric, SHADOW is a successful symbiosis of a graphic line pattern against a sandstone-like structured background with a Perlex print. Its contours are horizontal, vertical and diagonal. This phenomenal fabric features timeless shades of sand/gold, silver/white and cream/white.

Traffic 2606  |  Jacquard Fabric | 100% PES |  114″  |  7 Colors

A must-have weave! TRAFFIC, a Jacquard fabric, impresses with a modern woven structure that incorporates linen and graphic panels with various coloring and cross-hatching. Opaque and softly flowing, this lively patterned fabric features seven colors: silver, ochre, taupe, green, blue and, for a modern contrast, slate against taupe and gold.

Shell 2609  |  Thermal Fabric  |  97% PES 3%LI  |  110″  |  19 Colors

SHELL is a fabric for all the senses: This voluminous material is cuddly to the touch and boasts a natural grace and modern look. Thanks to its wonderful thermal and acoustic properties, this single-colour fabric also ensures comfortable warmth and a pleasant sound ambiance. What’s more, it features a whole range of colors. Sounds magical!

Upholstery fabrics – Beautify your furniture, piece by piece

Our upholstery fabrics boast an impressive, velvety look. Extremely easy to care for and beautiful to look at, they can be used to upholster all kinds of furniture – perfect for adorning an armchair, putting a lovely cover on a pillow or breathing new life into a beloved sofa.

Mellow 1533  |  Upholstery Fabric  | 100% PES |  55″  |  22 Colors Small patterns make a huge impact. MELLOW boasts a lively design that incorporates matte, subtly gleaming and refined 3D effects. This universally appealing Jacquard fabric with a wonderful look and texture suits all kinds of furniture – and interior design styles – perfectly. A must-have that you can have in virtually any colour.

Tender 1557  |  Upholstery Fabric  |  100% PES  |  54″ |  24 Colors

Love me TENDER: This velour fabric you can’t help but fall for features a rich spectrum of wonderful earth tones, cosy velour shades and fresh, crisp colors. TENDER is an affordable polyester velour with a sophisticated velvet look. It is soft to the touch and extremely easy to care for.

Forest Park – A poetic collection

Fully embroidered materials, a range of striped patterns, modern prints and a wonderful saddle stitch look reinterpret forest idylls in bold colors. Feast your eyes on rustling leaves dappled with sunlight. Revel in the feeling of the tranquil wind. All six patterns are a delight to see and feel. The fabrics in this collection are the first to incorporate natural fibers in cuts with a width of 55in. The FOREST PARK fabrics provide a new experience, both tactically and visually – all the while maintaining the high ADO quality standards you know and love.

Asset 1210  |  Embroidered Fabric  |  83% PES 11% CO 6% LI; Embr. 100% PES |  55″ |  4 Colors

Quite the beautiful ASSET. This fully embroidered fabric impresses with impactful stitching and a contemporary graphic design. It serves as a multi-colored highlight for all kinds of interior design schemes, whether it is used as a striking decorative fabric or for adorning a cushion.

Odea 1211  |  Striped Woven  |  58% PES 42% CO  |  55″ |  6 Colors

ODEA is a fabric of a different stripe. Elegant, natural and minimalist, this subtle material makes a maximum impact. It features shades of blue, turquoise, rose, grey and cream. ODEA is striped and bi-colored, to boot.

Cone 1212  |  Jacquard Fabric  |  55% PES 45% CO  |  55″ |  6 Colors

Striped and woven, this is an appealing fabric indeed. CONE features a graphic pattern with a thrilling interplay of colors. Parts of the background are neutral, whereas other sections are bright and vivid. Effect thread used to create slubs lends this elegant Jacquard fabric its unique look.

Smith 1213  |  Printed Fabric  |  100% PES  |  55″ |  6 Colors

SMITH looks as though it were hand-painted. This decorative fabric with a botanical all-over pattern conjures up an oil painting with the use of cutting-edge printing technology, whisking viewers away into Forest Park. Featuring majestic shades of indigo blue, birch green, quartz grey, satin grey, antique rose and opal.

Toto 1214  |  Jacquard Fabric  |  100% PES  |  55″ |  6 Colors

TOTO is an intriguing Jacquard material. This thrilling semi single-color fabric is exciting to the touch, with an enthralling opaque look composed of captivating colors. It makes a dramatic, beautiful impact when combined with other fabrics from the collection. TOTO is truly breathtaking!

Effect 1215  |  Woven Fabric  |  91% PES 6% CO 3% LI  |  55″ |  6 Colors

EFFECT is highly versatile. Its small float stitches have an appeal evocative of saddle stitching. This evocative, multi-colored fabric impress with a light and natural background. It is also highly multi-functional: It works wonderfully on its own, as an accessory or in a dream team paired with other fabrics from the same collection.

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