The Nador Collection – Upholstery

The big city reveals all of its secrets through these urban, sophisticated and casual designs. Hints of Art Deco, the refined interplay between matte and shimmering threads, and three-dimensional effects ensure that each fabric will be the talk of the town.


Safi 1567  |  Upholstery Fabric  |  100% PES |  55″ |  7 Colors

You can recreate a little bit of SAFI at home, even if you have never set foot in this beautiful seaside town. The stylized repetitive contour pattern, which resembles small buildings, depicts its townscape on this upholstery fabric. SAFI livens up any piece of furniture in seven radiant colors.

Nador 1568  | Upholstery Fabric  |  100% PES |  55″ |  6 Colors

NADOR conveys both reason and emotion. It is robust, low-maintenance and resilient on the one hand, and soft, snuggly and toasty warm on the other. It also looks highly modern. Its orderly 3D graphic pattern is available in six colors.


Settat 1570  | Upholstery Fabric  |  100% PES |  55″ |  7 Colors

This fabric has a woven texture with a multicolored pattern. SETTAT is made up of colorful horizontal and vertical threads that form a subtle checkered pattern. An eye-catching black thread outlines each square, which brings together the stylish woven pattern in an expressive way. It’s beautiful on a multitude of levels!


Taza 1571  | Upholstery Fabric  |  70% PVC 22% PES 8% PUR |  55″ |  17 Colors

TAZA puts the art in artificial leather. Even experts find it difficult to distinguish it from the real thing in how it looks and feels. Yet, it still feels 100 per cent authentic due to its great look and outstanding technical performance.

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