Characters have strong personalities and impress us with their charisma, whether they exhibit a gentle spirit or an intense vibe. We marvel at them, because they enrapture and inspire us. Their aura alone invigorates us, boosts our mood and enriches our daily lives. The ADO collection CHARACTERS, with its truly unique character fabrics, is dedicated to this wonderful phenomenon. We bear witness to their true strength on the greatest of all stages: the home. They bowl us over with their extremely soft feel, captivating three-dimensional look and natural, matte materials and shimmering accents. SMOOTH CHARACTERS is defined by wild floral prints, striking ethnic patterns and modern embroideries, while EXPRESSIVE CHARACTERS, with six distinctive characters ranging from DREAMER to REALIST, evokes much depth and texture. From a dreamy crane design to elaborate embroideries and modern mosaics right through to casual fringes, each character makes a stylish impression in any home. The personalities conveyed in textile form in the ADO collection CHARACTERS are sure to give fans of interior design much reason to swoon. With their effortless simplicity and contemporary elegance in harmonious colors, they inspire us to express our own personalities in the most creative way possible, while allowing us to feel at home in any interior.


Smooth Characters

Fans of wild floral prints, expressive ethnic patterns and modern embroideries in understated and bold tones will find inspiration in the multifaceted fabrics of this collection.


Tauri 3210  |  Sheer Fabric  |  100% PES  |  86″ or 118″  |  15 Colors

TAURI makes any space into an oasis of calm. It stands out due to its matte, linen-like background with an irregular, horizontal yarn effect. It stands out due to its unsullied authenticity, high compatibility and soft feel. Its timelessly beautiful aesthetic, which exudes serenity and calm, will put anyone at ease and transform any room into a haven.

Stevie 1498  |  Decorative Jacquard  | 100% PES |  110″  |  12 Colors

STEVIE skillfully combines a whole range of contradictions. It playfully unites matte and shimmer effects, pairs subtle graphics with a geometric structure and blends both traditional and cosmopolitan elegance. It accentuates the ambience of any interior design, without ever feeling imposing. It flows beautifully and feels wonderful to the touch. Its captivating appearance in backlight looks particularly unique when combined with other fabrics.


Amy 3200  |  Sheer Fabric  | 100% PES  |  122″  |  18 Colors

AMY is the perfect choice if you want to create a vintage style, shabby chic vibe or Scandi aesthetic. Its attractive linen look, with a prominent grid structure in blends of colour inspired by nature and a woolly feel, integrates stylishly in any type of interior design.


Jennifer 8237  |  Printed Sheer Fabric  |  100% PES  |  118″  |  3 Colors

JENNIFER is delicate, feminine and timeless. Its light tones, soft material and minimalistic design give it a pleasant, airy feel. The watercress pattern in a white pigment print stands out against its greige and white background. The beige print, with its ecru-colored, soft-flowing and low-maintenance background, blends harmoniously into any home.


Funky 3202  |  Decorative Fabric  |  100% PES  | 118″  |  6 Colors

FUNKY embodies the spirit of Ibiza. This multi-colored and multithreaded fil-coupé fabric radiates authenticity in its ethnic look with long fringes. It brings that holiday feeling back home by adding a splash of colour in earthy red tones, vibrant blue shades, fresh green hues or beige and taupe colourations.


Tina 4016  |  Embroidered Sheer Fabric  |  100% PES  |   118″  |  3 Colors

While leaf motifs in dynamic backstitches may dance across TINA, a natural-looking transparent fabric, its vibrant structure in muted white, sand and kid tones blends smoothly into any room. This fabric is
low-maintenance and suitable for machine washing, but should be put in a laundry bag to preserve its embroidery.


Alicia 2612  |  Floral Printed Satin  |  100% PES |  110″  |  5 Colors

Whether you opt for a folklore-inspired style or chic, romantic look, the charming decorative fabric ALICIA and its colorfully painted flowers gives any room a homely yet elegant feel. A modern digital print is used to apply the brilliant, colorful watercolor pattern on low-maintenance satin. It is available in five colour schemes that are simply to die for: vivacious turquoise and blue, delicate apricot and green, fiery red and orange, understated cream and greige, and sophisticated anthracite and berry.


Candice 9907  | Burn Out Printed Sheer  |  80% CV, 20% PES  |  118″  |  2 Colors

CANDICE is a prime example of how the art of printing can be combined with a timeless design. Inspired by nature, minimalistic bare branches embellish the delicate voile burn out fabric. An additional print effect on the branch structure accentuates the motif’s vibrancy. Its structured base fabric rounds off CANDICE’s profile, as it is low-maintenance when it comes to washing and ironing.

Janis 9908  | Burn Out Printed Sheer  |  100% PES  |  118″  |  2 Colors

JANIS ticks all the boxes. With its timeless, modern and nature-inspired design, it is the negative of the burn out CANDICE. JANIS looks great in a loft in a country house style, but feels just as much at home in a Scandinavian or a vintage interior. It exudes warmth and cosiness wherever it is found, and is available in two transparent colour schemes.


Roy 2610  | Chenille Thermal Fabric  |  93% PES, 7% Rayon  |  110″  |  22 Colors

The refined combination of delicate shimmering and soft velvety chenille materials lends the thermal fabric ROY its elegant look. Available in 22 natural and vibrant colors, it keeps the heat in during the winter, and the cool in during the summer. This makes ROY perfect for any time of the year – not to mention any interior design!


Expressive Characters

These strong-willed decorative fabrics flaunt their charm and convey the full spectrum of emotions on a 55 inch fabric width, boasting truly elegant, versatile, expressive and low-maintenance characteristics.


Dreamer 1216  |  Jacquard Fabric  |  100% PES  |  54″  |  6 Colors

DREAMER enchants with its captivating crane design on a gently shimmering satin background. As the embodiment of freedom and pristine nature, these creatures evoke an almost mythical elegance and a cosy, casual aesthetic at the same time. The understated use of colour ranges, from soft hues to striking signature colors, give rise to an extravagant looking fabric.


Romancer 1221  |  Floral Printed Fabric |  100% PES  |  55″  |  6 Colors

Tropical, romantic and floristic – ROMANCER is a modern floral print produced on a voluminous, slightly metallic textile that shimmers in the light. Dynamic colour gradients, blurred contours and fresh colors on a light background captivate the viewer and give any interior a tropical feel.


Realist 1220  |  Jacquard Fabric | 100% PES |  54″  |  5 Colors

The most truthful way of describing REALIST is that it is sophisticated, refined and artful. Subtly multi-colored warp and weft threads are used to create this special fabric. Its pattern evokes structures from nature and abstract art. This means that it fits in perfectly with any interior design style.


Idealist 1218  |  Jacquard Fabric  |  100% PES  |  54″  |  6 Colors

IDEALIST exudes joie de vivre in a modern ethnic style. Voluminous multi-colored yarns give rise to its particularly distinctive look. Subtle matte and lustrous effects with shimmering yarn accentuate this aesthetic. Available in six colour schemes, it is perfect for any interior design – from understated and restrained, to bold and expressive.


Artist 1217  |  Embroidered Fabric  |  100% PES  |  54″  |  6 Colors

ARTIST takes centre stage in any home. With its lavish, asymmetrical diamond design consisting of zig-zag lines embroidered in multi-colored thread, it shines in lofts as well as in smaller rooms. Its sophisticated fringes opened by hand look particularly artful. It will simply take your breath away, whether it’s used as a decorative fabric, cushion cover or wall covering.


Purist 1219  |  Printed Fabric  |  100% PES  |  55″  |  5 Colors

The sheer beauty of its material, combined with its artistic checkered, vintage pattern, make PURIST stand out from the crowd. Abundant colour nuances create its contemporary design and make it ideal for combining different styles. The low-maintenance base fabric appears very natural in terms of its look, feel and drape, and looks particularly beautiful when hung on small windows.


Ava Upholstery Fabrics

With its enchanting interplay of colors, soft feel and pure elegance makes old pieces of furniture into your new favorites with its three lovely upholstery fabrics.


Ebba 1572 |  Upholstery Fabric  | 100% PES |  55″  |  14 Colors

Cosiness doesn’t have to mean compromising on style. EBBA makes any piece of seating furniture into a soft, velvety, luxurious experience. Depending on the colour scheme, this faux single-colour fabric with its subtle two-tone look can stand out or blend into any interior. Its material composition makes it both durable and easy to clean. Plus, its contemporary aesthetic allows it to blend in easily with any furniture style.


Isla 1573  |  Upholstery Fabric |  100% PES |  55″ |  8 Colors

ISLA accentuates and reinvigorates any piece of small furniture or cushion in combination with either EBBA or AVA. It artfully juxtaposes its structure and soft velvet-look chenille fabric and matte and shimmer effects from top to bottom. ISLA is a fresh, modern fabric that gives any room a certain je ne sais quoi. Its technical characteristics in terms of its durability and low-maintenance quality makes it a true all-rounder.


Ava 1574  |  Upholstery Fabric |  100% PES |  55″ |  8 Colors

AVA is incredibly beautiful to look at, unbelievably soft to the touch and very special in terms of its manufacturing process. This velvety upholstery fabric is laminated with a batting and a textile carrier material before being embroidered with a graphic plait pattern. Its blind stitch creates a captivating three-dimensional effect, while its modern contrasting pattern makes a bold statement. AVA will win you over in either classic colors or trend colors in ice-cream shades.

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