Home – for some, it is the city where they live, for others, it is the warm embrace of a loved one. Some people feel most at home on the road, while others are most comfortable within their own four walls. Home can be anywhere – which means that all sorts of wonderful experiences worth retelling can happen. Because we all have such different experiences, each one of our stories is different. ADO is here to tell each and every one of these stories in this year’s spring collection, ‘HOMESTORIES’. The beauty of faraway places, the allure of the exotic and the bright lights of the big city are all made tangible in fabric form. Whether you are a fan of floral or stripy, three-dimensional or embroidered, colorful or natural fabrics, ADO transforms each story into wonderful HOMESTORIES with a variety of modern fabrics and patterns – and in doing so, gives all those who love interior design plenty of inspiration for their own homes. Whether you are a nature lover, a city-dweller or a citizen of the world – anyone can create a home that truly reflects their personality with these fabrics. All that you need to figure out is what best suits you.

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The design and feel of these beautiful transparent fabrics, which were inspired by rugged cliffs, blossoming meadows and idyllic countryside, convey the slowed-down pace of nature. An added benefit is that they are also low-maintenance.


Sunrose 1109  |  Floral Print Fabric  |  100% PES  |  114″  |  5 Colors

SUNROSE evokes the splendor of the Swiss mountainside as portrayed in ‘Heidi’. Artistic flower patterns embellish this structured decorative fabric like Alpine roses blossoming in midsummer. Five lively colors, including vanilla, meadow green, salmon, fawn and sky blue, are sure to awaken your wanderlust.


Break 3459  |  Vertical Stripe Fabric  | 64% PES 26% PAN 7% CO 3% PA |  118″  |  5 Colors

Why not treat yourself to a BREAK? This stylish transparent fabric invites you to take some time out from your busy life. Its soft feel and provincial looking vertical stripes on a light, gauzy background will always put your mind at ease. This fabric is available in subtle ivory and muted sand, as well as silver, stone and titanium.


Trail 3464  |  Leno Weave  | 100% PES  |  118″  |  7 Colors

TRAIL is full of surprises. Asymmetrical woven stripes with airy, melange yarn in the fabric radiate a natural sense of magic and awe. Choose a subtle design in white/cream, white/sand or cream/grey, a playful look in rose/lilac or vanilla/yellow-green or an expressive effect in smoke blue/stone and smoke grey/titanium.

Lia 4012  |  Sheer Fabric  |  100% PES  |  17″, 23″, 118″  |  1 Color

LIA takes its inspiration from the beauty of nature. Three modern, tree-like designs embellish this classic net curtain, which is also referred to as a ‘panneaux’. Its handcrafted embroidery accentuates the high quality of the fabric, while the embroidered hems at each end and curtain rod make it simple to use. Its two drops in off-white tones make it twice as nice.


Arnica 4119  |  Cafe Curtain  |  100% PES  | 17″, 23″  |  1 Color

ARNICA is captivating in its beauty. Its traditional, folklore-inspired embroideries with a modern twist evoke both mountain scenery and coastal landscapes. This off-white net curtain is the perfect addition to small windows and any interior design, with or without a drape.

Buttercup 4120  |  Cafe Curtain  |  100% PES  |   17″, 23″  |  1 Color

Build me up BUTTERCUP! This smart and decorative net curtain was inspired by the elegant, lavish tendrils of the buttercup. Picture this: a delicious homemade breakfast with fresh, creamy butter, while the light streams in through these curtains – life will never have been butter with this fabric!


Milfoil 8195  |  Printed Sheer Fabric  |  95% PES 5% LI  |  118″  |  4 Colors

MILFOIL is lovely by its very nature. Its pattern, made up of the delicate stalks of grass and ferns in smoke blue and sunrise pink, was inspired by the method of developing photographs from negatives invented in 1834. On a positive note, if you like this fabric, then we’re pleased to reveal that it is also available in the colors milfoil white and feather grey.


Anemone 8203  | Printed Sheer Fabric  |  100% PES  |  114″  |  4 Colors

Allow your mind to wander with ANEMONE. It’s easy to lose yourself in this lavish sea of transparent flowers. Its multifaceted shades and dappled flowers are reminiscent of an oil painting, which is what makes this print so charming. Admire it in brilliant ecru/sand/rosewood, green/aqua/yellow, blue/water/grey and lilac/pink/red. It’s simply breath-taking.



We have recreated the feeling of arriving home with these flame-retardant decorative fabrics, created using state-of-the-art technology. Allow the comforting design of this collection to welcome you as you walk through the door.


Stripy 1126  |  Vertical Stripe Fabric  |  100% PES FR  |  110″  |  12 Colors

STRIPY is a modern striped fabric that speaks of home. Large, clear block stripes make it a real eye-catcher in any interior design. Choose between 12 colors in combination with wool white for a ravishing look. Its material is soft, voluminous and captivating with a drape. Its opaque stripes are classic, yet cosmopolitan.


Jazzy 3455  |  Sheer Fabric  |  100% PES  |  118″  |  12 Colors

Get into the groove with JAZZY. This wonderful single-colour fabric with a voile base is highly transparent and translucent, with a natural structure and lovely feel. 12 extremely beautiful colour combinations and the low-maintenance material used are further pluses.


Dinky 3456  |  Sheer Fabric | 100% PES FR |  118″  |  7 Colors

Make your house a home with DINKY. This modern vertically striped fabric is highly versatile. Opt for a natural look with unusual yarn effects. Choose this wonderfully airy, low-maintenance fabric. At last, you can truly feel at home.


Sporty 3463  |  Sheer Fabric  |  100% PES FR  |  118″  |  3 Colors

SPORTY is true to its name. Its elaborate fil-coupé pattern gives it an athletic look. Its colorful stripe elements within rectangle shapes on a delicate voile fabric are sure to get your heart racing. Plus, it’s dynamic, with three subdued colors in a timeless design.


Groovy 8196  |  Printed Sheer Fabric  |  100% PES FR  |  114″  |  4 Colors

GROOVY is designed for movers and shakers! Its freehand graphic pattern with wild lines and harmonious colour gradients is sure to freshen up your home in green/aqua, enthral you in orange/yellow or help you to unwind in grey/beige and cream/white. It is flame-retardant, and easy on the eye too, thanks to a brilliant print technique on a marquisette-like grid structure.


Bloomy 8198  |  Printed Sheer Fabric  |  100% PES FR  |  118″  |  5 Colors

BLOOMY features a bouquet of blossoming flowers in green/aqua, orange/yellow, grey/beige, cream/silver and blue/kid. The watercolor designs on the print gain a phenomenal sense of depth due to the different colour contrasts. Let yourself be swept away by its beauty.


Cordon 9705  |  String Curtain  |  100% PES FR  |  126″  |  12 Colors

CORDON won’t leave you hanging by a thread. Its voluminous string threads, stylish look and simple cut at the perfect height are the common threads in a successful design concept. It’s available in 11 more colors, plus it’s easy to clean and crease-free.



Souvenirs, trinkets and fond memories have been recreated in a totally original way through these decorative fabrics. Their vibrant patterns and lively colors bring that holiday feeling home.


Pula 1124  |  Faux Linen  | 100% PES |  118″  |  21 Colors

PULA is more than worth a visit. This single-colour fabric in a linen look carries us off to the Mediterranean coast, and immerses us in its warm light in 21 different colors. Its modern synthetic fibers give it an appealing feel, which rounds off the holiday atmosphere it recreates.


Sestu 3457  |  Faux Linen  |  92% PES 3% CO  |  118″ |  2 Colors

Go on safari with SESTU! A single line elegantly and gracefully forms an artistic giraffe pattern on the fabric. This linen-like transparent fabric with an applied yarn effect accentuates the vivacity of this noble family of giraffes in timeless colour shades such as sand and off-white.


Mogoro 3458  |  Sheer Fabric  |  97% PES 3% CO  |  118″ |  3 Colors

MOGORO will put you in the mood to travel. This beautiful transparent fabric, with its wave-like lines, evokes the same sense of anticipation as just before a trip. But forget about packing your bags – grosgrain ribbon and three subdued colour schemes will add a touch of the Sardinian countryside to your home.


Bosa 3461  |  Sheer Fabric  |  100% PES  |  118″ |  3 Colors

We’re BOSA bound! This lovely Jacquard pattern sets us off on a voyage of discovery. Its stripes, conveyed in a stylized woven pattern and a tile design evocative of the Far East, succeed in spiriting us away. Its colorfulness oozes a lust for life that spreads to every room.


Badesi 3462  |  Sheer Fabric  |  100% PES  |  118″ |  3 Colors

BADESI and its half-circle patterns are sure to bring joy to your life. As an elaborate fil-coupé fabric, the colors and patterns of this captivating spin-off of the BOSA fabric interact in a charming way. It is available in a neutral colour scheme, as well as two vibrant colors.


Onani 8193  |  Sheer Fabric  |  100% PES  |  102″ |  4 Colors

ONANI is made up of delicate yarns. It is a multicolored print on a highly transparent knit made from elaborate loop yarn. ONANI evokes colorful sketches from a trip around the world, and opens up a whole world of combination options for every home.


Lula 8199  |  Printed Sheer Fabric  |  100% PES  |  114″ |  3 Colors

Whether you prefer ice-cream on a lolly, in a cone or in a cup – LULA is sure to melt your heart. Youthful, fresh and carefree, this digital print will look at home anywhere, from the dining room to the playroom. And it’s available in three fab colors to boot: Rosé, blue and white create a decorative background.



The big city reveals all of its secrets through these urban, sophisticated and casual designs. Hints of Art Deco, the refined interplay between matte and shimmering threads, and three-dimensional effects ensure that each fabric will be the talk of the town.


Fashion 1108  |  Jacquard Fabric  |  100% PES |  114″ |  4 Colors

FASHION lovers are sure to swoon when they catch sight of the elegant shapes, high-quality materials and bold colors of this sensuous Jacquard. Its Art Deco style will always be en vogue. Its precious metal colors such as gold, silver and titanium shine on a light background, or in platinum/gold on a dark background.


Style 1110  |  Jacquard Satin Fabric  |  100% PES  |  110″ |  5 Colors

Flaunt your STYLE with this semi-matte satin fabric with raised allover lines. Its silky feel looks great with its voluminous folds. What more could you ever want? Well, how about five colors on a neutral colour scheme that accentuates its modern yet timeless elegance? Enjoy all this in one sophisticated fabric.


Globe 1165  |  Geometric Fabric  |  100% PES  |  126″ |  8 Colors

An all-round successful design: GLOBE ties urban architecture with the simplicity of nature. Five out of the eight aesthetically pleasing colour palettes will look more subdued in your interior design, while the shades in cranberry, navy and ivy are more striking and demand your attention.


Grammy 9904  |  Geometric Sheer Fabric  |  56% PES 44% CV  |  118″ |  1 Colors

Host the GRAMMY awards in your own home. This elegant transparent fabric, with its fishbone pattern that conveys modernity and craftsmanship, ticks all the right boxes as the sequel to the GLOBE Jacquard pattern. This burn out gives a captivating performance, and wins over audiences in an elegant off-white colour. It’s perfect as both a lead and a supporting actor. All that’s left to say is: Bravo!


Limits 3452  |  Leno Weave  |  100% PES  |  122″ |  5 Colors

LIMITS is infinitely beautiful, not to mention modern, elegant and vivacious. This lavish woven stripe is defined by its tasteful colour combination. It can also be railroaded on request. There are hardly any limits to the number of colors you can choose – rose quartz/silver, turquoise/sky blue, ruby red/emerald green/sapphire blue, snow-white/ ivory/silver and grey/khaki/silver speak volumes. With this fabric, the sky is the limit!


Dynamic 3453  |  Leno Weave  |  100% PES  |  126″ |  3 Colors

DYNAMIC does what it says on the tin – this vigorous woven stripe is urban and creative. Its composition of threads elegantly forms refined double trapezoid shapes. Ecru stands out in the interplay between ivory, nougat and stone tones. DYNAMIC’s elegant minimalism is what makes it a must-have.


Award 3454  |  Sheer Fabric  |  100% PES  |  118″ |  23 Colors

AWARD is distinguished by its feel, drape and sophisticated melange look. You could say it ’s a winner for its wide range of colors, its pleasant touch and flowing drape. It’s an elegant showstopper in any interior design. It also allows plenty of light to flood the space. But remember: It’s only for A-listers!


Noble 9903  |  Burn Out Fabric  |  65% PES 35% CV  |  118″ |  3 Colors

NOBLE depicts nature in full bloom. This floral burn out fabric captivates with its stunning natural aesthetic. At the same time, it takes up hardly any space and requires barely any fabric. Its shimmering, metallic Perlex print gives it an added charm. It shimmers in papyrus and taupe on a white background, or looks exquisite in Sahara gold on a warm linen tone.


Adventure 9905  |  Burn Out Fabric  |  70% PES 30% CV  |  118″ |  1 Color

ADVENTURE brings out the best of life in the big city. This burn out fabric recreates the buzz of life in a metropolis with its freely drawn lines on a delicate background. Do these lines look like trains in the cityscape, or do they represent its skyline? Either way, this fabric perfectly conveys the spirit of adventure!

Challenge 9906  |  Burn Out Fabric  |  76% CV 24% PES  |  118″ |  1 Color

The ADVENTURE burn out is also available as a negative pattern in the form of the charming CHALLENGE. It is designed to give urban interiors a cosmopolitan feel. This in-between skillfully rises to the challenge, while also creating a subdued effect. This burn out fabric is subtle, yet highly appealing.


The Nador Collection – Upholstery

The big city reveals all of its secrets through these urban, sophisticated and casual designs. Hints of Art Deco, the refined interplay between matte and shimmering threads, and three-dimensional effects ensure that each fabric will be the talk of the town.


Safi 1567  |  Upholstery Fabric  |  100% PES |  55″ |  7 Colors

You can recreate a little bit of SAFI at home, even if you have never set foot in this beautiful seaside town. The stylized repetitive contour pattern, which resembles small buildings, depicts its townscape on this upholstery fabric. SAFI livens up any piece of furniture in seven radiant colors.

Nador 1568  | Upholstery Fabric  |  100% PES |  55″ |  6 Colors

NADOR conveys both reason and emotion. It is robust, low-maintenance and resilient on the one hand, and soft, snuggly and toasty warm on the other. It also looks highly modern. Its orderly 3D graphic pattern is available in six colors.


Settat 1570  | Upholstery Fabric  |  100% PES |  55″ |  7 Colors

This fabric has a woven texture with a multicolored pattern. SETTAT is made up of colorful horizontal and vertical threads that form a subtle checkered pattern. An eye-catching black thread outlines each square, which brings together the stylish woven pattern in an expressive way. It’s beautiful on a multitude of levels!


Taza 1571  | Upholstery Fabric  |  70% PVC 22% PES 8% PUR |  55″ |  17 Colors

TAZA puts the art in artificial leather. Even experts find it difficult to distinguish it from the real thing in how it looks and feels. Yet, it still feels 100 per cent authentic due to its great look and outstanding technical performance.


The Missori Collection – Upholstery

The MISSORI upholstery collection achieves this in its own unique way with its minimalistic, three-dimensional graphic patterns. Its fluffy feel lends the fabrics equal measures of clarity and cosiness. All this, combined with its technical properties, make MISSORI a top choice for sofas, armchairs and more!


Bussero 1544  | Upholstery Fabric  |  100% PES |  55″ |  9 Colors

The checkerboard pattern of BUSSERO gives it a playful look, complemented by its minimalist, tone-on-tone effect with voluminous chenille and bouclé yarn. The warp, which alternates between clayey and high-contrast colors, looks particularly elegant here. Five neutral colors offer a counterpart to four vibrant tones. But no matter which colour variety you choose for your furniture, everyone’s a winner!


Bonola 1545  | Upholstery Fabric  |  100% PES |  55″ |  8 Colors

Furniture looks best in BONOLA – everything else simply pales in comparison. Its subtle two-tone pattern is broken up with voluminous bouclé and chenille yarn, which makes it pleasing to the touch. Flat woven fabric has never been so comfortable and robust.

Turati 1546  | Upholstery Fabric  |  100% PES |  55″ |  8 Colors

TURATI is the Maserati of upholstery fabrics. This elegant Jacquard looks sporty, dynamic and opulent. Chenille yarn gives it a sophisticated, refined touch. Its raised horizontal lines boost its performance. Who wouldn’t like to go for a spin in a TURATI?


Missori 1569  | Upholstery Fabric  |  77% PES 23% PAN |  55″ |  8 Colors

A fabric’s look and feel unite in perfect harmony – MISSORI is an attractive architectonic pattern in a distinctive three-color design. This beautiful Jacquard in cosy velour chenille is perfect for your next pillow fight. It also looks great on chairs, armchairs, sofas and any other piece of furniture that you treasure in your home.

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