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Characters have strong personalities and impress us with their charisma, whether they exhibit a gentle spirit or an intense vibe. We marvel at them, because they enrapture and inspire us. Their aura alone invigorates us, boosts our mood and enriches our daily lives. The ADO collection CHARACTERS, with its truly unique character fabrics, is dedicated to this wonderful phenomenon. We bear witness to their true strength on the greatest of all stages: the home. They… Read More


The Nador Collection – Upholstery The big city reveals all of its secrets through these urban, sophisticated and casual designs. Hints of Art Deco, the refined interplay between matte and shimmering threads, and three-dimensional effects ensure that each fabric will be the talk of the town.   Safi 1567  |  Upholstery Fabric  |  100% PES |  55″ |  7 Colors You can recreate a little bit of SAFI at home, even if you have never set… Read More


Home – for some, it is the city where they live, for others, it is the warm embrace of a loved one. Some people feel most at home on the road, while others are most comfortable within their own four walls. Home can be anywhere – which means that all sorts of wonderful experiences worth retelling can happen. Because we all have such different experiences, each one of our stories is different. ADO is here… Read More


Silhouettes cut a familiar figure. They can pack a real emotional punch, too – they are the only kind of outlines that can convey the charm of an entire landscape. Artful cut-outs impress, such as when they’re used to put a unique spin on a beautiful skyline. Silhouettes vary in terms of their shape, but they all have one thing in common: These abbreviated forms have a symbolic, storytelling nature, captivating us with their mysterious,… Read More

Celebrate the Moment

For daydreamers and night owls Don’t you just love enjoying the first peaceful rays of morning sunshine as they gently stir you from your sleep? Or watching the colors around you come to life in the radiance of the midday sun? Isn’t it wonderful to watch the sun slowly disappearing, along with the cares of the day, into the endless blueish tones of twilight? To feel the evening slowly being transformed into the pulsating, exhilarating… Read More

Perfect Getaways

  About this Collection As refreshing as a day by the sea or in the mountains, picnicking by the lake or in an elegant metropolis — you decide where your short escape from everyday life takes you. Perfect Getaways, ADO’s latest collection, provides the perfect textile companion for any destination. With charm and versatility, they open up new perspectives and bestow moments of joy all year round, just like an unforgettable weekend getaway. What’s your favorite getaway?… Read More

‘Colors of Light’ — Textile Facets of Light

Color and light go together like day and night. The constant change throughout the day controls our way of life and affects how comfortable we feel in an environment. This makes light control one of the most important factors when it comes to decorating. We use light to brighten and clarify activity. In contrast, the absence of light invokes nocturnal peace and elegance. The fabrics and colors in the new ADO autumn collection play with light in a variety… Read More

Hula Hoop 4308-563

‘Good Vibrations’ — Fabric Brimming With Positive Energy

The new ADO Collection for Spring / Summer 2016 is named after a Beach Boys song. And this was no accident – just like the song, ADO’s interior fabrics also instantly ooze positivity and create good vibrations in your home, so they are bound to top the charts.

The New & Improved ADOwrap

Superior craftsmanship and new features solidify ADOwrap as the most elegant and functional vertical blind system. ADOwrap Complete systems now feature the most reliable, highest-quality headrail on the market. Let’s take a look at some of the new features and benefits that make ADOwrap the best vertical blind system available.

Fall in Love with “New Romance” Designer Fabrics

ADO takes pride in offering you the finest designer fabrics available, that is why we are proud to announce the release of the “New Romance” collection. These 28 exclusive fabrics show our commitment to continually provide you with exclusive fabrics that help you create an authentic ambience for any room in your home.