Panel Glide

Whether you’re looking for a sleek window treatment or unique room divider, flair21 panel track systems add a dash of modern, minimalist drama to your décor. Panel glides are a versatile and functional solution for both large and small expanses. No matter its function—window treatment or room divider—panel tracks are ideal for a clean, polished look in restaurants, airports, office buildings and residential spaces.

Features & Benefits

Smooth Operation

The top of every panel includes a clear fabric protection shield for smooth gliding, and the bottom contains a weight bar for added stability, easy draw and ideal hang.

Easy Cleaning / Changing

The velcro attachment design enables you to easily clean or change panels for a fresh look to compliment new home furnishings or wall colors.


Choose from wall or ceiling mount; one-way or split draw; baton, cord or motorized control; with unlined, lined or self-lined fabric panels in over 145 approved fabrics.


Add motorization for the ultimate functionality and convenience.

Quick Turn Around

Get custom panels within 15 business days for in-stock fabrics.

Panel Glide

Panel glides are a modern, minimalist design featuring a fabric panel treatment in the flair21 designer fabric of your choice with Velcro® sewn across the top of the panel.

  • Great for commercial or residential environments as a window covering or room divider
  • The top of every panel includes a clear fabric protection shield to prevent damage due to rubbing on the hardware
  • The bottom of every panel contains a weight bar for added stability

Panel Glide Complete

If you don’t already have a panel track, flair21 offers a complete panel glide system.

  • A panel track up to 19′ long with flat fabric panels that attach using Velcro®
  • Choose wall or ceiling mount panel track with a combination of 2 to 18 panels
  • The panel track system can be a one-way or split draw using either a baton, cord or with motorization—a cordless, motorized, remote-operated system.
  • The average panel size is 20″ to 30″—the width of your panel is also the width of your stack back
  • With less than 3⁄8″ space between panels, our panel track system takes up a minimal amount of mounting depth space
  • The fabric panels can be unlined, lined or self-lined
  • All of the hardware required for installation is provided with every order