Elegant design, easy installation and straightforward functionality make Ripplefold draperies a great window treatment for both residential and commercial spaces. With its symmetrical folds and flowing aesthetics, Ripplefold draperies can complement both traditional and modern décor.

Features & Benefits

Smooth Operation

The stiffened snap tape header is suspended under the track so it won’t sag or snag. Corner weights and blind stitched side hems finish off the soft rippling folds for a clean, tailored look.

Stack Up Savings

Ripplefold draperies typically use less fabric, which provides a tighter stack and cost savings versus traditional draperies.

Easy Cleaning/Changing

The snap tape header enables you to easily clean or change panels for a fresh look to compliment new home furnishings or wall colors.

Made To Your Specs

flair21’s workroom uses Kirsch snap tape, suitable for 60%, 80%, 100% and 120% fullness, in one-way or split draw with baton or cord control and butt or overlap master.

Quick Turn Around

Get custom panels within 15 business days for in-stock fabrics.

With their elegant design, easy installation and straightforward functionality, Ripplefold draperies are a favorite among designers for commercial applications. As contemporary and modern décor becomes more mainstream, so has the use of Ripplefold draperies in residential applications, and it isn’t difficult to see why.

  • Ripplefold draperies allow for beautiful, flowing fabric that easily traverse and open to a clean, tight stack.
  • This soft, yet contemporary design is suitable for sheers or (heavier) drapery-weight designer fabrics.
  • Ripplefold drapery panels maintain their symmetrical “ripple” effect in the open and closed positions.
  • flair21 is proud to use the patented Kirsh Ripplefold snap tape system for all of our Ripplefold draperies.